Three building wings have entered the pilot projectfor the individual metering of consumers. The truth of Braşov, 11/08/2011

Bepco Company, together with Tetkron and Braşov Cityhall are on the way to implement a centralized heating system, following the English model.

A new system for streamlining the heating system will be implemented in Braşov, this winter. Three building wings are participating to a pilot project for testing a system for monitoring and lowering the heat distribution costs.

The first inhabitants to benefit from this project are the ones residing in 8 BulevardulGării. The inhabitants of Braşov have already signed the agreement requested by Tetkronand BraşovCityhall. The works are already in their final phase. Practically, on the stairway a module will be installed, containing heat switches and individual meters, allowing to evaluate the consumption for each apartment separately.

“For now, they are still working on installing the modules. Until the end of August, 8 Gării Boulevard will have the works completed. Practically, with the help of the heater switches mounted in the control panel located outside the building, hot water and heat will be prepared to reach directly to owners”BogdanBanu, commercial manager of Bepco declared.

A similar system will be also installed on buildings located on VlahuţăandVictoriei Streets. Initiators promise savings which can be seen on the heating invoice that will reach up to 30%. “I am very skeptical regarding the savings made by this project, but I am thinking that our situation right now is the worse that it can get to anyway” Doina Apopei, the administrator of the building said.

The costs for the implementation of the pilot project are borne fully by Bepco and they may reach 300.000 Euro. If the experiment will show positive results, the project will be extended to all the buildings connected to CET. One system costs 3.000 euro and it will be implemented in two stages, whereas the aim is to create a system for metering the heating similar to the systems used for metering the electricity or gas.

Disconnections until the 19th of August

Meanwhile, Tetkron, the company which took over CET, is bragging with new entries in the centralized heating system. Almost 20 requests were sent until now by business operators. Nevertheless, since June and until now, 600 inhabitants of Braşovrequested to be disconnected from CET. The ones who wish to be disconnected may still submit their requests at the headquarters of Tetkron until the 19th of August.