BRAŞOV. Generous sponsors, doubled gifts

The sixteenth edition of the charitable event “A hot meal for everyone” organized by  “Transylvania Express”, with the support of Brasov City Hall, the 2nd Brigade Mountain Troops “Sarmizegetusa”, the Association of Christian Holy Great Martyr George – Protector of the poor, attached to the 2nd Brigade VM military chapel, was a success. Although we  have planned to offer 250 meals a day, we have reached in a couple of days 900 portions, and the table was filled with many packages with food and clothing.

Around 500 portions of food have been shared  today to the less fortunate Brasov people, who have received  as many packages with fruits, sugar, cooking oil,  rice,  food cans,  dairy products, sweets, as well as clothes.  The “A hot meal for everyone” charity event lasted 2 days.
Hence,  the „Transilvania Expres” foundation honored this year too its obligation to bring a little touching to the less fortunates ones in times of a saint holiday.  In the civic centre, near the Wooded Church,  the place was made available by the organizers of Brasov City Hall representatives – were installed tents and folding tables by the military brigade,  in order to be serve food  in the best conditions.
The less fortunate ones have had a real treat: rice with vegetables and chicken in one day, and in the other day,  pork steak with potatoes. The ingredients for the hot meal and the cold food had been provided by Top Vest,  and the ones in the packages were procured with the help of Pro Natura and Donit Association.
The hot meal was prepared by the skilled cooks of the 2nd Brigade Mountain Troops, which are under the command of General dr. Tudorică Petrache.  Many beneficiaries were overjoyed with the hot meal and confessed that it had been a few months since they have had such a good meal, hence this  made them to go once again in the queue, and some  of them even took  food for those who weren’t present.
In the area where the action was carried out, the security was provided by the militaries of the Gendarmerie Inspectorate, headed by Colonel Ioan Coman, by the military police and agents from the D.O Security.

Besides the mountain rangers, a big help was  also given by the young people from the Red Cross – Brasov branch,  some teenagers from the Technical College of Transport and from the ” Johannes Honterus” highschool  and volunteers of the “Transylvania Express” foundation or former beneficiaries of  the charitable action, including Daniel Gusman, who was  already a “veteran”. There were also present as  volunteers the representatives of the sponsors (Bepco –  people from the leadership, including Simina Costan).
All of them offered a great hand of help to the food distribution, to cleaning the tables, to guiding the beneficiaries and to everything that had to be done. Moreover, our action was based on volunteering  and its purpose was to help our fellowmen in need, to make them forget the bitterness and be able to enjoy the upcoming celebration of Nasterea Domnului. Also, children and young talents under the guidance of Claudia Miriţescu, president of the Association”Viva la Musica”, sang carols and seasonal songs. Also, the association provided the musical backing with their own records.
Main sponsors: Top Vest, Premium Aerotec, Ertex, Bepco.
Sponsors: SIF Transilvania, Alpha Ville, Duvenbech Logistik, D.O. Security, Fin Eco, Kronospan, Total Med, CAR Prietenia IFN, Direct Aeroport, Lumitech, Raptronic, Covalact, Aero Part Expert, Danubiatec, Euro-Motor, Maria Morelli, Old Team Distribution, Toyota Brasov, Adriana Prod, Bistro Casa Venus, Ciesse, La Mav Restaurant, Brasrom, Gabriela Plopeanu, Remax Vip, Papalito Trading, San Sport, Roco Pas, Urban, Pronatura Association,  Donit Braşov Association, Sirena SRL  and the Cultural „Viva La Musica”.
Partners: Transilvania Expres, TEXFM,, 24 FUN, 7 Seri, Zile şi Nopţi.
We thank them all, sponsors, volunteers, generous anonymous, for helping us to help other and to bring them a little joy before the saint holidays!