Inhabitants of Braşov who reside on Mircea celBătrânStreet who decided to return to the centralized system claim that they can already feel the cost-related advantages. Hello Braşov, 20/11/2012.

After the popular campaign related to the free reconnection to the heating system of Braşov the local authorities made available for the public all the information regarding the level of the financial effort made for such an investment. Thus, reconnecting an entire wing of a building on Mircea cel Bătrân Street No. 45, (amounting to 44 apartments, 35 of which were actually connected to the Tetkron network) brought the supplier costs amounting to 40.000 Euro.

This reconnection was done by installing four vertical pipes on the building’s stairway (roundtrip heating, hot water and recirculation of hot water) with individual connections, insulation valves and heating meters for each apartment. Inside the apartment, the installations are identical to the ones used by the holders of individual heating stations, so practically the 21 owners owning a personal heating station will benefit from a double heating source by implementing this system. At the same time, the persons who were reconnected also have valves at the entrance to their home, where they can turn the heating from Tetkron off, if any malfunction occurs. Other valves are mounted next to the heating station and each owner may choose the method for heating the heaters in their homes, either if they choose the centralized system or their own heating station. Tetkron did not request any reconnection fee for the inhabitants who decided to reconnect to the system, whereas their only expenses were the ones for mounting the system inside their apartment.

According to one of the inhabitants, the centralized system is already showing advantages because during the first ten days after the reconnection, the cost estimated for heating his apartment with two rooms and for the hot water supply in his home is only 30 lei. In this wing of the building, each apartment also has an individual meter, so the consumption can be monitored, the same way as for the gas system.


Funds obtained from loans
SorinMateciuc, The Director of the Distribution – Supply Department of Tetkron stated that this year two buildings are scheduled to be reconnected. “There is another building onGării Street which initially came with all the approvals of the apartment owners, but now they started changing their minds. We received the approval of the GAA which is formed of local counselors to reconnect this year only that building. The investment will be supported by Tetkron’s own funds and by the budget of the city” Mateiciuc declared. According to his statements, for the next year though, there is no information upon the origin of funds that will be used for reconnecting the buildings, whereas there is a possibility for the people to bear partially the costs for this investment. From the city hall we found out that there is an intent to implement this individual metering system in all the buildings of Braşov, since this system offers each subscriber the possibility for him to pay exactly the worth of his consumption and in this regard, a financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BERD) may be contracted next year.