THE FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE – 3d EDITION/ Simina Costan, GENERAL DIRECTOR AT BEPCO: “Efficiency of heat production can be a successful business”

Business success can’t be attained if you are not loyal to the community you belong to, declared Simina Costan, the General director of the Brasov company Bepco SRL, which is the local private producer of heat.
Mrs. Costan said that Bepco is a successful business because she firmly believed in the possibility of efficient heat production in Brasov:  “The company I run had accomplished the biggest investment  in high efficiently  cogeneration in our country. I had chosen to do this in my hometown, Brasov. Bepco had become the heat producer in Brasov because no one claimed this responsibility. We did this with professionalism and we have been operating our business for 5 years  now, offering Brasov people a better price at Gcal. It’s a challenge to regain consumer’s trust in the centralized heating system, but I am confident that we will succeed in Brasov to organize a reconnecting program. ”
Bepco invested 34 milions euro in four central heat production in cogeneration, which are equipped with 11 gas engines for urbn heating system of the city of Brasov. The solution was implemented by the GE Distributed Power company, which is  part of the US group GE, which provided production equipment for this project.

Simina Costan claims that the energy produced by Bepco reaches about 20% of consumers Brasov (12,000),  it is a business development with great potential.

Bepco was founded in 2010 and provides heat toTetkron company, a distributor and supplier controlled by the municipality of Brasov. Simina Costan claims that reconnecting should be financially supported by the City Hall and that exists a common strategy in this regard and potential funding sources have been indentified.…&articol=268604.html