The cogeneration process of the thermic heat occurs in congeneration aggregates and consist in heat waste recovery dissipated of the internal combustion engine.

Cogenerarea (Combined Heat and Power, CHP) inseamna combinarea sistemelor de producere a energiei electrice si termice, care se realizeaza simultan. Asadar, cogenerarea este o tehnologie care permite cresterea eficientei generale a unui sistem de conversie a energiei. Prin concentrarea in cadrul unei singure instalatii a productiei de energie electrica si a celei de caldura, deci prin cogenerare, se valorifica in mod optim energia primara a combustibilului: partea de energie de la temperaturile cele mai inalte este transformata in energie valoroasa (electrica) in timp ce cantitatea de energie de la temperaturile mai joase, in loc sa fie dispersata in aer drept caldura reziduala, este folosita la aplicatiile termice corespunzatoare.

Compared to separate production of the same amount if electricity and heat, combined productions offer the advantage of fuel savings. It also reduces the amount of heat released into the atmosphere.

Electricity cogeneration process takes place in aggregates congeneration and consist in the production of electrical energy by training each electric generator by one combustion engine with 4 strokes, and 20 or 24 cylinders fueled with natural gas. In the carburetor it is realised the mixture between gas and atmospheric air and is then distributed to the 20 or 24 cylinder, where the combustion is achieved. The burned gases resulting from combustion are evacuated from heat exchangers, and then the muffler and finally to the cost of the dispersion.