GE Distributed Power delivered 11 gas engine for the heating system in Brasov

The  equipment and  energy services provider GE Distributed Power, part of the US group GE,  has delivered  to Bepco 11 gas engines for the urban heating system of the city of Brasov.

The 11 engines can generate 38 MW and 42 MW thermal and electrical efficiency of over 84%, according to a press release from GE Distributed Power.

The investment amounts to 34 million euros, being financed by BCR and from the own resources of the company, said  Simina Costan,  General Manager at Bepco,on Friday, on a press conference.

“The energy we produce reaches about 20% of consumers in Brasov, respectively 12,000, hence the potential is huge, if a strategy for reconnecting consumers will be established. In five years from now we should reach 19,000 consumers. The current production capacity is sufficient for 30,000 consumers, ” Costan declared.

She added that Bepco had “very tough negotiations” with the gas supplier GDF SUEZ Energy Romania.

Cristian Colţeanu, general manager of GE for Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, said that other cities are interested in this business model too.

Asked if such units could be installed in Bucharest, where are the most numerous consumers of thermal energy in Romania, Colţeanu said that Bucharest will have to “operate somehow a segmentation” of the network.

“The biggest failures are after all within the networks. Such a model can be replicated in different areas in the capital, “he said.

GE has also supplied equipment for the modernization of the centralized heating system of the STC company in Oradea,  to the Vest-Energo  company for a 20 MW cogeneration plant in Bucharest, and to Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Group for  a plant in Ploiesti.

Bepco company was founded in 2010 and is the leading producer of heat for urban heating system in Brasov.