The production of heat energy in Brasov. Guest: Simina Costan, General Director at Bepco

What is Bepco? Why centralized heating system? Bepco sells the heating agent  with 150 RON, but the citizens buy  it with 170 RON / Gcal. Where the price difference comes from? How does the manufacturer – carrier – distributor and supplier system  work? How effective is the system with all the recorded losses? How does the partnership with Tetkron work? The Deputy Mayor Razvan Popa talked about the possibility of Tetkron acquiring production units and about the energy independence of Brasov. It was a time when thousands of Brasov  people disconnected and  opted for individual heating systems. How many of them  are now still connected and why do you think they will come back? How was the first apartment building from Brasov reconnected? Bepco, as a producer of heat, benefits in any way,  of  subventions from the Local Council?

The answers can be found in watching the newscast at Realitatea T Brasov, 01/03/2013.