Reconnecting the  first apartment building of Braşov

Bepco identified, initiated and financed the reconnecting  project with individual contorisation of an apartment building in Brasov, located on str. No. 45 Mircea cel Batran.

Since early November, residents  from 35 apartments in this block, mostly owners of  urban heating boilers, tested the benefits and their reactions were positive.

For reconnecting  a partnership between Bepco and Tetkron was made, through which were covered all the required costs for the work.

Fair solutions through which people pay exactly what they consume.

In the case of the apartment block Mircea cel Batran, the apartments benefit from individual metering Reconnect (horizontal distribution).

This is a novelty for the citizens and a fair solution where consumers manage their consumption and the price of their heating bill.

  The double source

Reconnecting to the centralized system does not  involve giving up  to the apartment central heating. The interior installations that were made allow to choose the most suitable option for heating:  a centralized  system or a central apartment heating.

Basically, by implementing dual source people can experience the benefits of  urban heating without giving up to the central heating.

 Priority  when isolating the block

The blocks which request the reconnecting  are a priority in the  thermal rehabilitation program, funded by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT), local  budget and homeowners associations.

The recent reconnected block  from the Mircea cel Batran street is a very good example of this. The documents were filed recently and the isolation of the block will begin in the spring of 2013.

 What people  say about this?

“Because in our  block section there are apartments that haven’t given up on the centralized system, but but also apartments where people have installed boilers, we were used to having  sort of unpleasant discussions about the monthly bills for maintenance. In recent weeks such discussions have disappeared, now a peace that we all love has  been established. “says Gabriel Balint, the president of the homeowners association.

Apartments that were connected to the centralized system

“It’s amazing how quickly the hot water comes. No need to wait minutes for it to warm up. Besides this, I can now know exactly the level of consumption and even adjust the heat as I wish. It’s a very big change and I am satisfied. ”

“We have control over the consumption and this is very important for us. In addition, we are satisfied that the isolation block will have priority. I understand that the field has just been submitted and in the spring the block will be isolated. ”


Apartments with thermic centrals

“ The biggest advantage is the constant heat from the appartament, you don`t get this from the termic central… And this constant heat makes us feel more confortable in our house.”

“ Finally, we do not pay for common parts and for the pipes that cross our house. And the fact that we can choose for 2 sources of heating, represent a big plus for us”

“ I was skeptical at the beginning, but now I convince myself with day by day that this worths, I say yes to the reconnection. I watch on the counter and in 10 days my consumption is just for 30 lei. That means a monthly bill about 90-100 ron, a fair price for a 2 bedroom downstairs apartment.”

“When I opted for the termic central, I wanted to choose when and how I open the heat in my apartment. With the Tetkron reconnecting solution I have much more options from where I can choose and much more important is the fact that I do not gave up at my apartment central”