In Braşov the great reconnection to the centralized heating system started. Transilvania Expres, 22/06/2012

In order to encourage the population to come back to using centralized heating, Braşov municipality grants by mean of Tetkron, free reconnections. Moreover, by the heating strategy elaborated by the Cityhall and by the specialized company, the clients of Tetkron may pay invoices40% lower than the persons using small personal heating stations.
Tetkron SRL, the company dealing with the production, transport, distribution and supply of heating in Braşov, started a campaign which is also supported by the Cityhall, for restoring their relations with old customers and drawing towards the company new customers. The heating strategy is focused on streamlining the transport and distribution system, whereas the production system is already an objective which was reached. The total aim is to lower the level of operating and maintenance expenses, but also lowering the price for the end consumer.
With respect to the above, yesterday, in a press conference, the representatives of Tetkron announced the completion of an important investment and the optimization of the transport network for the areasTractorul, Mihai Viteazul andFlorilor, by shortening the route by 5 km and replacing the air pipes with underground ones.
During the last few years, massive investments have been made, aiming to modernize the centralized heating system. The first step was to rehabilitate production sources by building highly efficient cogeneration stations. Rehabilitation and reconfiguration works for the transport networks were started, whereas the following investment which will be completed this year will shorten by 8 km the supply of the neighbourhoodGriviţei – Mihai Viteazul. This effort led to a reduction of the price per gigacalory supplied to the population, from 198.5 lei to 170 lei”, statedSorinMateciuc, the manager of the Department for Supply-Invoicing ofTetkron SRL.

Invoices cheaper by 40%
Also supported by BogdanBanu, manager of Bepco who is a cogeneration heating producer, along with CET 1 and 2, Mateiciuc presented the advantages: “The persons connected to the centralized heating system shall pay 40% less than the users of the apartment heating stations and the difference may increase to the favor of our subscribers, since the price of the gas will increase by 65% until 2018. We ensure the continuity of the services with a high level of effectiveness; there are no problems any more and the quality is high. Risks and unpleasant events which may be caused by an apartment heating station – malfunctions during the cold season, water or gas leaks, carbon monoxide intoxication danger, explosion danger – are eliminated by the centralized system. The municipality, granting the heating subvention is directly interested to support with high priority the heating rehabilitation of the buildings which are connected or of the buildings requesting to be reconnected. In order to encourage the population to return to the centralized heating system, Braşov municipality grants by means of our company, free reconnection, provided for the compliance with the enforced legislation and with the specific technical conditions”.

More than 100 companies want to be connected

Sorin Mateciuc stated that currently 12 individual disconnection requests are submitted, but 50% more reconnection requests are submitted at the same time. Also, more than 100 business operators have requested to be connected to the centralized system.

“Tired to pay too much on gas, people prefer centralized heating. Also the City hall decided to reconnect some of the institutions subordinated to it; for now it reconnected four kindergartens and two schools, as Tetkron’s representative stated. He also noted that for the reconnection of certain individual consumers, they need to live in building wings where at least 50%+1 of the apartments are not connected to the centralized system anymore or where the same percentage of owners will also request this, or otherwise this would not be profitable for the company.