Will the centralized heating system be resuscitated? Digi 24, The Show Voices of Braşov, 17/01/2013

What is the current situation of the heating system in Braşov? How much is the cost of the individual metering and what is the value of the BERD credit for implementing the individual metering? What is the number of subscribers for whom the centralized heating system of Braşov would be efficient? How does the private producer Bepco support the losses of the transport network? What is the role of Bepco in the heating system? Is there a long term plan for the invoices to be maintained at a decent price? To what extent will the losses be reduced in the network after modernizing the heating system?

You will find all these answers in the local show VocileBraşovului, Guest: Răzvan Popa, Vice-Mayor of Braşov

(http://www.digi24.ro/emisiuni/video#73277 – > Emisiuni Braşov -> Vocile Braşovului -> Vocile Braşovului – 17 Ianuarie 2013)