The centralized system regains the trust of Braşov., 22/10/2012

Works have started for reconnecting the first building of Braşov. This building is located on Mircea celBătrânStreet No. 45 and most of the people living here are owners of apartment heating stations. The works are estimated to be completed at the end of October, following to reconnect all the inhabitants and then test and compare the costs of the centralized system to the ones of an apartment heating station.

The reconnection decision
The reconnection will be done on Mircea celBătrânStreet No. 45, Building 39 Entrance B. On this wing 35 apartments, representing 80% of the owners chose the centralized heating system, benefiting from free reconnection.

“The reactions of the persons in the building were various: some of them were open to the reconnection, others said that they will wait until the following year in order to see first the costs of the neighbours” Gabriel Balint, the president of the inhabitants association of the building declared.

Individual metering – the correct solution by which people start paying for what they consume

The individual metering (horizontal distribution) represents a novelty for Braşov and it is a correct solution by which consumers manage their consumption and the value of the heating invoice.
This requires installing 4 vertical pipes on the stairway of the building (roundtrip heating, hot water and hot water recirculation) with individual connections, insulation valves and heating meters for each apartment.

Inside the building, the heating installations are identical to the ones used by the holders of personal heating stations. Thus, in their case, there is no need for the entire system to be changed, since they can connect it to the system mounted on the stairway of the building.

The advantages of individual metering are the following:

– The independence from neighbours

– Individual metering
– Eliminating the losses of heat from the basement of the building

– The exact invoicing of individual consumption

Centralized system – an alternative to the apartment heating station

Owners of apartment heating stations who also chose to be connected to the centralized heating system will be able to compare now the costs of the two heating systems.

“Our services are competitive, being at a great price for the quality provided. After the cold season 2012-2012, the building found on the Mircea celBatrân Street will ofer us clear examples which will certify this”, SorinMateciuc, head of the Department for Distribution and Supply at Tetkron declared.

The opinion of the association’s president
“As a president of association, I happen to see heating invoices. Persnoally, I have an apartment heating system and I was surprised to see that my neighbours who stayed connected to the centralized system are paying less. I am opened to innovation and when I found out about the campaign at Tetkron and of the way in which they reconnect users, I thought that there’s no cost in trying. Thus, I convinced my neighbours to submit a reconnection request and now we are waiting to see how it works and what the costs will be in the cold season.

For now, we will only reconnect the B Wing, yet we have positive feedback from the other wings of the building too. If we will see that this winter we shall have low costs, the neighbours in the building will certainly choose the option of the centralized heat” Gabriel Balint, the president of the association in the building of Mircea celBătrân Street stated.

Other reconnection projects
the next building to be reconnected in Braşov is on34Gării Street. Here, more than 90%  of the owners, all being holders of personal heating stations, have requested to be reconnected to the centralized system.

High efficiency production in Braşov
The cost of oneGcalin Braşov is 170 RON, and this is one of the lowest costs in the country. The competitiveness of the centralized heating system in Braşov is owed to the support of the private producer Bepco, by streamlining the cogeneration production sources, the investments started by Tetkron in 2011 into the rehabilitation and reconfiguration of the transport and distribution networks and to the support granted by the Local Council of Braşov.