Thermic Energy

The production of thermic energy occurs in cogneneration aggregates. The generators are triggered by the internal combustion engines in 4 strokes, with 20 or 24 cylinders, engines fueled with natural gas. Gases resulted from combustion process, are discharged at heat exchangers, then at the muffler and finally, at the dispersion stack.
Heat exchangers practically recover the heat dissipated by the internal combustion engine. This is used to heat water for the district heating circuit. Bepco equipments are dotted with several types of heat exchangers placed in such a way for maximum efficiency.
Best heating systems in the cities are based on central heating. Based on gas prices, heating with individual centrals will become very expensive. Also, individual systems like central murala, gas stoves, convectors, are less safer and pollute. A good heating system with no network loss will always be cheaper, safer and eco. This is the reason why EU energy policies support central heating and, where appropriate, support reconnecting to the network.