Who we are?

Established in 2010, Bepco is an energy service company (-) that produce heat and electricity through high – efficiency cogeneration.  What does this thing mean? From a single unit of fuel, whether we are talking about biomass and other fuels (which is our case) – occur simultaneously through the same process, two types of energy: electricity and heat. Because it is a secure, efficient and environmentally friendly, cogeneration system is the most encouraged to produce heat and electricity in the European Union.

Energy efficiency and environmental protection are currently a priority worldwide. Economic agents and public institutions need, more than ever, solid solution to increase  productivity and reduce operating costs of energy and solutions to respect environmental protection standards.

Bepco Brasov is a company that has chosen to enter the market of energy cogeneration system. We invested in several production units, in several districts of Brasov, we purchased new modern equipment with very good yields, thus becoming the main producer of heat for dristict heating  system in the city.