Building a thriving community
in Brasov

At Bepco, we share the common belief that care for our community, empathy, and the desire to bring about positive change through education guide us in our choices.

So far, we have launched and supported a series of projects dedicated to the needs of the local community. We have become allies of the causes we believe in.

How we contribute


Environmental Impact

Circular economy supports sustainable development, helps protect the environment, and generates innovative solutions.

Over the past 10 years, Bepco has contributed to reducing the carbon footprint of Brasov through projects that enable the reuse of excess energy.

Green projects


We have contributed to an 82% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the former energy producer, CET Brasov.

Thus, we have supported the Municipality of Brasov in surpassing its emissions reduction target of 32% by 2020, by more than a third.


We are part of The Green Cities Forum community, the first and largest event in Romania dedicated to sustainability, organised by the local administration of the Brasov Municipality.

Tech projects


We awarded 140 scholarships as part of Generația Tech/Tech Generation, a programme organized by Digital Nation, that facilitates the participants’ access to a national ecosystem of practical training in areas such as IT and digital marketing.

36% of the participants were employed within two months after completing the programme.


Innovation & Tech

Digitalisation plays a key role in a positive workplace transformation. It contributes to socio-economic development, upgrades infrastructures, and becomes a promoter of education.

Bepco is involved in projects that bring about a structural change in the local labour market.



A better future starts with better education.

We invest in the professional training of our specialists and support multidisciplinary education. Through diverse projects we increase access to information and experiences designed to stimulate critical thinking and creativity.

Educational projects



We proposed the topic of the national competition Debate Romania and awarded prizes to the finalist teams that proposed the most practical solutions.

The motion debate focused on the implementation of national policies to encourage multilateral economic development, including investment in natural gas infrastructure.


We support the Kastel Foundation in its projects to combat functional illiteracy and promote social inclusion for families affected by structural poverty.

We are supporters of the Kastel Afterschool Project, which contributes to increasing empathy and social cohesion through the involvement of its volunteers.

Health projects


We support the Association Rază de Speranță/Ray of Hope in the Intervention and Therapy of Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Brasov in their approach to set up and equip a new recovery day care centre dedicated to children and young people with mental health disorders.


Together with Caravana Medicilor/Doctor’s Caravan (Bucharest branch), we supported the Medical-Military Clinical Centre of the Southern Region, Odessa region, by transporting medicines and medical equipment, based on a humanitarian request at the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war.


Since 2021 we have been allies of the SCUT Social Services Association and support its beneficiaries: adults with disabilities, chronic mental health illnesses, disadvantaged families and young people in the state care system. 


We supported the Romanian Heart Foundation in organizing the marathon called Heart Promenade, by allocating funds for the promotion of the event, as well as for the prizes dedicated to the competitors and winners.


We have joined the Foundation FĂRĂ in the project to build a centre dedicated to communities in poor rural areas.

The mission of this project is to guide young adults in developing the necessary skills for seeking, obtaining, and maintaining a job. This happens through formal and non-formal orientation and skills development programs, as well as psychological counselling.


We contributed to the refurbishment and modernization of the Sterilization Unit of the Children’s Hospital in Brasov, through a financial donation within the Together We Give project, organized by the Rotary Club.

The new sterilization unit, for which a total of over $200,000 has been invested, is one of the most efficient in Romania.



We are actively contributing to Romania’s healthcare through projects aimed at the development and inclusion of vulnerable communities.



Sports bring communities together. Bepco supports local sports initiatives.

Sports projects


We support the men’s and women’s handball teams of CS Sporting Ghimbav, a club that includes 150 athletes, 100 of whom are members of the Romanian Handball Federation.